Ad Builder for smart banners

Ad Builder allows you to create groups of creatives for smart banners and configure their design depending on the type of business. In just a few minutes you can configure attractive and interactive creatives. Experiment with various design options for creatives to select the one that results in the highest CTR.

  1. How to design creatives in Ad Builder
  2. Editing creatives

How to design creatives in Ad Builder

To build creatives, select LibraryCreatives for smart banners, then click +Create creatives on the page that opens. The Ad Builder window will open.

On the left side of the window, choose the category of the creative that matches the feed's business type. For the “Retail” business type you can choose the category of the same name, or the “Clothes” category. Depending on the chosen category, a number of layouts, dimensions and parameters for creatives will become available. By default, all possible options for creatives for a selected subject will be selected. This will allow you to serve smart banners on all available sites. If you need to specify specific layouts or sizes, use the Select button.

Choose the “Smart ads” layout with the “Adaptive” size for ad impressions on search or in ad networks.

On the right side of the window, add a logo and configure your color scheme and auto-scrolling of product offers. Don't disable the title because smart ads will not be created without it. In the Legal information section, enter information about the seller (name of the legal entity, the OGRN and registered address of the store), which is required according to the law “On Advertising”. You can also add information about a special offer. Please note that the text of the special offer must contain no false information.

Before you save a creative, you can preview how the data from your feed will look in it. Choose the feed from the list under Preview. The list contains your uploaded feeds that passed validation.

Note. Some of the feeds won't be available for preview in Ad builder. This is due to limitations of the preview mode. These feeds aren't shown in the Preview list.

When you have finished working with the creatives, click Create creatives. A group of creatives will be added to the library.

When creating a group of smart banners, add creatives from the library. You don't have to add all creatives from a group. To do this, click Show all and choose the required creatives. A separate smart banner will be created for each creative based on the uploaded feed.

Editing creatives

You can change your ad creatives any time. To do this, on the “My campaigns” page, click on the Creatives for smart banners link. In the library, choose creatives or a group of creatives belonging to the same subject, and click on Edit. For example, you can change the logo in all creatives for “Retail”.