Creating smart banners

You can create smart banners based on your site or feed. You can use either method if you offer products on your site. If you advertise services, training courses, tickets, or other non-product categories, it's best to use a feed. Feeds make it possible to receive more information about each advertised item and configure selection rules more carefully.

Smart banners based on a site can be created to advertise retail goods, clothing, or pharmaceuticals, purchased by adding items to the cart. They can't be used for advertising services, real estate, cars, flight tickets, or hotel booking.

To create smart banners, complete the following steps:

Step 1. Create a campaign

Click Add → Campaign. In the Expert mode tab, select Product sales → Sell via the Yandex Advertising Network.

Step 2. Select a strategy

Two automatic strategies are available for smart banners. Decide what result the system should focus on and select the appropriate strategy:

Step 3. Create a smart banner group

In the Source field, select Site and enter the domain of the site that you want to generate smart banners for. The site must meet the requirements. The Yandex robot will automatically collect data about your products.

You cannot change the data source after saving the group.

Step 4. Set up a product filter

You can generate ads for all the pages of your site or their subset generated by filters. On the ad group editing page, click +Add filter and add up to 50 filters joined by the “OR” operator.

Select your target audience

Select one of these options in the drop-down list:

  • Retargeting of website users: for users who visited your site. A Yandex Metrica tag must be installed on your website.

    If the user views certain products, they are also shown recommended products based on the selection criteria, along with the products they viewed before.

    If the user visited your website (for example, the home page or product catalog) but didn't open any product pages, they can be shown personal product recommendations based on the selection criteria.

  • Look-alike (showed interest in similar products): for users who searched for similar products online but didn't visit your site.

  • Maximum coverage (Retargeting + Look-alike): the default setting. Ads will be served for the users that visited your site and searched for similar products online.

You can use bid adjustments to raise or lower the CPC when you serve ads to particular users.

Enter a CPC or CPA

If you selected the Maximum conversions or Maximum clicks strategy, you can set up a CPC or CPA in the filter settings. When Pay per conversion is enabled, CPA is optimized based on the cost per filter.

Set up the product selection criteria

The selection criteria determine which products to add or remove from smart banner generation. The criteria are joined using the “AND” operator. Products meeting all the criteria will be selected for serving.

You can set the following product criteria:

  • Price: Filter products by their price.

    For example, you can create ads only for products that cost more than ₽ 1000.

  • Product link: The product page URL contains/does not contain the specified sequence of characters.

    For example, you can generate ads only for pages with products from a specific manufacturer.

  • Title: Contains or doesn't contain the specified character sequence.

    For example, you can generate ads based only on your promo products: Title → contains → "Promotion".

Step 5. Set the display regions

Under Display regions, select the regions whose residents you want to serve your ads to.

As an advertising data operator, Yandex assigns each creative a unique identifier referred to as "token" when creating campaigns. It then uses this token to aggregate all your placement data and transmit it to the Unified Internet Advertising Registry (ERIR). Learn more about ad labeling.

Ads will be created automatically. You can see examples in the preview section to the right of the settings.

Try it out

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