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According to the “Advertisement Act ” (article 13 of Federal Law No. 38 dated March 13, 2006), to place ads of certain types of products and services, the advertiser shall provide a package of documents. This includes products and services that are subject to mandatory certification, registration or licensing.

Please send copies of the guarantee letter and accompanying documents along with licenses, certificates, etc. to the Yandex.Direct Support Service using the feedback form (make sure to indicate the ad campaign/order number).

Original guarantee letters should be sent without delay to the appropriate address:

  • Yandex Europe AG, Werftestrasse 4, P/O box 3639, 6002 Lucerne 2 Universitaet, Switzerland – for those who filled out a guarantee letter for Yandex Europe AG

  • 38R Merrimac Street, Suite 201, Newburyport, MA 01950, USA – for those who filled out a guarantee letter for Yandex Inc

Documents can be submitted either before or after the ad moderation process. If ads are rejected due to an absence of required documents, then they will be re-evaluated after documents are submitted. Please note that in this case you don't have to re-submit your ad for moderation.

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