Prohibited categories of goods and services

Ads for the following goods and services are not permitted:

  • Gambling, sport forecasts, betting offices that deal with games of chance, and similar organizations.

  • Alcohol-containing products.

  • Explosive devices and materials (besides pyrotechnic products.

  • Remote sale of goods that are legally not permitted to be sold remotely (for example: jewelry, medicinal products).

  • Copies of original items (for example, replicas of famous watch brands).

  • Medical services aimed at terminating pregnancy.

  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances as well as their precursors.

  • Weapons. All ads for types of weapons are not permitted, including pneumatic, hunting, antique, gas-operated, and souvenir weaponry.

  • Sites containing malicious content or resources that exist to extract funds or personal information from the user via fraudulent methods.

  • Doorway sites that exit solely to attract traffic and don't contain any unique or useful content for the user.

  • Prescription medication.

  • Tobacco products, smoking accessories.

  • Financial pyramid schemes.

  • Political ads.

    Content related to election campaigning, sites that advertise candidates or political figures and their lobbyists. We also can't accept ads for political opinion polls related to campaigns or referendums, or ads for election result forecasts.

  • Goods and services whose production or sale is forbidden or restricted by law in the Russian Federation (for example: forged documents, distribution of pornographic material).

  • Advertising that is associated with tragic events, if such ads are aimed at drawing attention to relevant news or publications (including shocking content).

Country-specific particulars regarding advertising

Ads shown in other countries need to take that country's law into account, in particular:

You cannot serve ads in the Republic of Belarus for the following goods or services: medical services and equipment, biologically-active additives (dietary supplements), breast milk substitutes, alcohol and tobacco products, or ads for studying or working abroad.

More information about goods and services that can not be advertised or whose advertisement is restricted can be found in the document Rules for Placing Ads on Yandex. Advertising requirements.

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