Step 2/2. Include the link to the website and contact details

In the Link to site field, enter the webpage address that your ad title will lead to.

In the Contact information section, enter your company's contact information to create a vCard. A vCard will draw more attention to your ad and will help potential customers contact you sooner. Learn more about how vCards boost ad performance...

If you do not have your own website yet, leave the Link to website field blank. You only need to create a vCard for ad placement.

Vcard tips

  • Make sure you enter the correct phone number and working hours so that potential customers can contact you during the working hours.
  • Specify the address of your organization by manually setting a point on the map if your location is not easy to find (e.g., a car service under a bridge or a cafe in a park).
  • Use the additional More about the product/service text field to add a detailed description of your offer's advantages.
  • In accordance with the Russian Federal Law “On Advertising”, to carry out remote sales (i.e., without retail stores), ads placed by legal entities must specify their company name, address and OGRN registration number, while individual entrepreneurs must specify their OGRNIP registration number and full name. It is convenient to include this information in your vCard.