Step 4. Add more ads and send them for moderation

Ad group successfully created. Next, you may create another group or send all ads to the moderator for checking. Moderation is required to check ads for compliance with the advertising material requirements.

To send the ads for checking, click theSend for moderationbutton and confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of the offerbased on which we will place your ads. Your campaign will then be sent for moderation.

you should expect to receive an answer from the moderator within a few hours after placing your order. No orders are reviewed at night, and on weekends and public holidays the list of orders is reviewed twice a day.

In some cases an ad may begin being displayed automatically. This means that the ad will be displayed almost immediately after being created or edited. however, the moderator will additionally check it for compliance with the advertising material requirements and it may be rejected later based on the results of the check. The moderation of such ads usually takes place within about three days.

If changes have been made to an ad that is currently being displayed, and the moderator has not yet accepted these changes, then the previous version of the ad will continue to be displayed and an “awaiting moderation” status icon will be displayed next to the ad .

Attention. Moderators may reject the keywords partially. If the ad text itself has been accepted, then the ad will start to be displayed with the accepted phrases. In this case, the ad status upon moderation will be: “Keywords partially rejected”.

Once the ads are checked, you will receive a notification at the address you provided when creating the ad campaign; the campaign status in the list will be changed to “approved by moderator ” (if this does not happen, please read the Moderation requirements).