Step 1. Create a campaign

Please click the Place ad.

Before starting work, please indicate your country. Selecting a country defines the possible payment methods for advertising campaigns in Direct, your payment currency, and additional taxes. Each government has its own taxes. Afterwards, you will be able to perform all financial operations in the account—from paying for the account to managing bids and controlling statistics displays—in the selected currency.


You can set your country and currency only once. After saving your first ad campaign, you will not be able to change the account’s currency.

Determine the type of your first ad campaign (“Text & Image Ads”, “Ads for Mobile Apps”, or “Dynamic Ads”). Where an ad is displayed and what settings you can configure depend on the campaign type. Read more about campaign types.

After clicking Start Using the Service button, you may start designing your first ad campaign.

  • Give your campaign a name that's easy to remember. This will make it easier to find in the campaign list at a later date.

  • Specify the launch date of your campaign.

  • You can change the email address that you wish your campaign status updates to be sent to. The email address specified when you registered with Yandex will be used by default. If you have more than one ad campaign with Yandex, you can specify a different email address for each campaign.

  • You may specify a cell phone number for sending SMS notifications about your account balance, and select a convenient time for sending these (the SMS costs are covered by Yandex).

  • You may specify the time span for displaying all ads of your ad campaign (time targeting). You can change the time at any point during the campaign.

  • You may specify a single region(s) for all ads of your ad campaign to be displayed. When you create a new ad it will automatically be shown in the region/regions you specified earlier, but you can change this if necessary.

  • You may select options for your ads to be displayed subject to user preferences. By combining behavioural and contextual targeting you can significantly increase your target audience coverage, and as a result the number of targeted hits to your website.

  • Customize sitelinks for your ad and add an image to increase the effectiveness of your ad.

  • You may select your bid management strategy. Bids can be managed either manually or automatically, e.g., the Weekly Budget strategy ensures a maximum number of clicks or converted sessions within the allocated budget.