Step 1. Create an account and add your ad campaign

Create a username

We recommend creating a separate username for Yandex.Direct. Don't use your personal username (for example, an account you use for Yandex Mail or Yandex Disk), because you won't be able to move your ads from your personal username to a different one later.

Create a username

Set up an account in Yandex.Direct

Select your country and currency

Select your country. For some countries, you still need to choose what your payment currency will be with Yandex.Direct. All calculations and payments will be in this currency.

There are different payment options available in different countries.

Add email and phone number

Enter an email address and phone number you currently use. Click Confirm number.

This way you can get promptly updated on changes in your ad campaigns and get tips on improving your settings.

Read the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy, Ads for Mobile Apps Data Processing Agreement, and “Yandex Direct” service offer , and accept them.

Click Start using the service.

Create your first ad campaign

Go to the Create campaign page.

We recommend that you select the most popular type, “Text & Image Ads”. These ads are served to users who are already interested in your products and services. You only pay when users click through to your site or vCard with your contact information.

Tip. You can contact experts to get assistance in configuring your campaign.

Yandex.Direct offers a wide range of settings for configuring ad campaigns. To begin with, enter a campaign name and select ad placements. If you already enabled Yandex Metrica tags, add them. Select an ad strategy. Specify the dates of your campaign and the display region. For all other settings, we recommend leaving the default values, which are optimal for beginning advertisers.


By default, the basic setup mode that is more intuitive for new users is enabled in Yandex.Direct.

  • If you already set up Yandex Metrica and goals (that is, actions you expect from your users) for your website, click the Targeted actions on website tab:
    1. Under Select a conversion, specify a goal from your Yandex.Metrica tag.
    2. To pay only for conversions, enable the Pay per conversion option. Enter CPI.
    3. Enter your weekly ad budget in the Spend up to field.

    Yandex.Direct will automatically allocate your funds so that your website gets as many converted sessions as possible.

  • If website sessions are important to you or you haven't set up Yandex Metrica yet, select the Site traffic tab.

    Enter your weekly ad budget in the Spend up to field.

    Yandex.Direct will automatically allocate your funds so that your website gets as many clicks as possible.

The minimum budget is 300 rubles (values for other currencies) per week. The optimal weekly budget is at least 1,000 rubles.

Click the Continue button.

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