Step 2/1. Compose ad texts

A Yandex.Direct ad is composed of:

  • A heading (up to 33 characters including spaces and punctuation)

  • Main text (up to 75 characters including spaces and punctuation)

  • a web link (URL to your website page that contains your ad proposal) and/or contact details.

An ad group may include one or several ad versions, e.g., the same ad text + different headings. All the ads in the group will be displayed for the same keywords, in the same regions, etc. (i.e., all the ads have the same display settings).

Why place several ads into one group?

As a result, the ad version with the greatest appeal to your audience will be selected automatically.

At first, all the ads in the group are included in the rotation. As soon as enough statistics is accumulated, the system will automatically identify and display the most clickable ad for each keyword more often. This display pattern makes it more convenient to experiment with ads.

More information about experimenting with ads

Tips for writing texts

For your ad to be effective, it must match user search queries as closely as possible, therefore:

  • Make sure that the heading contains keywords that trigger your ad's display.

  • Write about your products and services, not your company.

  • Write specifically about the products and services you offer.

  • Remember that most users don't read past the title, so use it to get your message across. Or make it “catchy” to boost its appeal.

  • Brevity is the key to success. The longer the text, the less chance it has of being read.

  • Use an exclamation mark for emphasis! But don't overdo it!

Other tips to make your ad perform better


Please read the Yandex.Direct advertising material requirements.