Step 2/3. Select your keywords

Yandex.Direct ads are served when a user's search contains a keyword that you set in its entirety. For example, if you selected the keyword interior design for a group of ads, your ads will be served in searches for interior design, apartment interior design, interior design magazine, interior design training, etc., but will not be served in searches for design or interior.

  1. Use commas to separate your keywords.

  2. Keywords should correspond to the subject of the ad.

  3. The letter case and word order in the keywords are not essential.

  4. Stop-words (e.g., conjunctions and prepositions) are only taken into account if preceded by an “+” operator (e.g., accessories +for cars).

  5. Keywords can only include letters, numbers, and the minus sign (-). Additional operators can be used.

  6. The maximum keyword length is 4096 characters (including negative keywords, spaces, and Yandex.Direct operators). The number of keywords per group cannot exceed 200. Each keyword can contain a maximum of 7 words.

  7. If keywords overlap (a keyword contains one of the other keywords), negative keywords are added automatically. This prevents keywords from competing when an ad is selected for display. You can manually delete the negative keywords that were added automatically.
  8. For your convenience, in the course of managing your ad campaign, you can split keywords by thematic blocks and create separate ad groups for these blocks.