Ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges)

YAN participants

Only quality websites with high traffic can join the Yandex Advertising Network. Once the application to join the advertising network has been sent, each site becomes subject to the multistage moderation procedure to check compliance with the rules of participation in the Yandex Advertising Network.

To join the advertising network, a website must have a Russian-speaking audience and be hosted on a paid basis. For Yandex Direct ad blocks to be placed, the website needs to have more than 100 visitors per day for a duration of one month.

Yandex refuses membership in its advertising network to websites that publish low-quality content or that were created specifically to make money through ad placement.

All comments and complaints about site behavior can be sent via the feedback form. Those who violate the rules are excluded.

Complain about a website

Cost Per Click

The same settings apply to YAN search sites as to Yandex search.

The cost per click on content sites of the Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges depends on the audience quality of each given partner site, the prevailing competition, and the number of sites in the network with relevant content at the given moment.

With most Yandex.Direct strategies, the advertiser can adjust the cost per click in the ad campaign strategy settings.

To fine-tune your settings, you can use a strategy with manual bid management. To manually set the CPC in ad networks, you must either choose impressions "Only in ad networks" or enable separate bid management for impressions on all sites.

Moreover, the actual cost per click in the ad networks may prove to be much lower than the value for Yandex Search.

CTR in the ad networks

Content ads involve a different type of communication than search ads. The CTR of ads in the ad networks does not affect the cost per click on YAN search sites and on Yandex search.

When calculating the CPC value for search, only the impressions and clicks on the main Yandex search pages are taken into account. That is why a lower CTR value in the ad networks will not adversely affect the cost per click on search.

Sites with disabled impressions

You can block ad impressions on specific content sites and in ad exchanges. You can add a maximum of 1000 entries to the blocked list (including sites, apps, and ad exchange partner sites). You cannot opt out of your ads being served on the Yandex Home page or in Yandex search products.

Why are geotargeted ads being served on sites from a different region?

The internet is an open environment and people from all over the world may visit any site. However, your ad will be visible only to those users from the regions you specified in your geotargeting settings.

Address and phone number are not displayed

For some ad networks users, an ad can be displayed without an Address and phone link. The address taken from the vCard will be displayed instead. Additionally, the distance to the location will be displayed if the user is less than two kilometers from the specified address.