Yandex.Direct multi-currency interface features

You can run ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct in the payment currency.

There are several steps involved to switch advertising agencies to using the multi-currency interface. We will notify you of each of them later.

For the time being, we've gathered all the most pertinent information on this page so advertisers can familiarize themselves with the features of the multi-currency interface ahead of time.

How auctions between advertisers working in different currencies work

Auctions in Yandex.Direct take place in the system’s internal units. The CPC or CPM set by the advertiser in the currency of payment is converted into internal units in realtime mode. Conversions take place in accordance with the RF Central bank's exchange rate for the given currency on the current day.

Bids in auctions are exclusive of VAT.

Bid management

All prices in the bid management interface are shown in the advertiser’s currency. The CPC or CPM can only be set in this currency.

Each currency has its own minimum CPC or CPM and bid increment.

The minimum cost per click for advertisers in Russia is 30 kopecks. The bid increment is 10 kopecks. This means that if an advertiser sets his/her price per click at 2 rubles and 8 kopecks, then the actual bid in trading will be 2 rubles.

All monetary figures in the account are shown before VAT.

How VAT is calculated

All monetary figures in advertisers’ accounts are listed before VAT:

  • all prices are shown without VAT in the bid management interface (in other words, the prices shown are the auction bids)

  • bids and budget restrictions in automatic campaign management strategies are also shown without VAT

  • total remaining funds on an ad campaign’s balance are also displayed without VAT

VAT is added by the seller to the cost of services in accordance with the norms of tax legislation for each country. Total VAT is shown on a separate line in payment documents and documents confirming rendering of services.

Advertisers can view statistics for debited funds (both before and after VAT) in the Yandex.Direct interface. Just select the corresponding setting in the Statistics section. This option is only available for campaigns in Russian rubles.