Video ads

Video ads are short videos (from 5 to 60 seconds long). Record your video and upload it to the video ad builder, or use a ready-made one from the library. Just add a title and text, and you will get a unique creative to serve in the video network. Video ads are available in the Text & Image Ads and Ads for mobile apps campaigns. Payment is made per click.

Video tutorial. Video ads

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Video ads are displayed in ad networks (in OutStream and InStream blocks).


By using video, you can make your ads more appealing and show off the advantages of your product or service. A colorful video ad attracts more attention than a static text ad.
Brand awareness

Video ads with your own unique videos help you develop brand awareness and create the right associations to connect users' emotions with your company or product.

Counting impressions using IAB and MRC

Yandex uses strict viewability criteria: video impressions count after two seconds, provided that at least 50% of the video player area* is continuously present in the viewable area of the screen.

How do video ads differ from video extensions?

In contrast to video extensions, you can create a separate campaign for working with video ads, which will allow you to control impressions and the budget spent on video ads. You can also add a group with video ads to an existing campaign and use bids to manage spending. In a video ad, you can add a title and text that are appropriate to a particular creative. You can set this directly in Ad Builder.

Text campaigns with video extensions do not compete with video ads when they are selected for serving. You can choose whichever type you prefer, or use them both at the same time.