Short-term interests

By targeting your audience's short-term interests, you can show relevant ads to people who are looking for your products or services right now or have searched in the last few days. For example, you can selectively offer sales of airline tickets or summer clothing to people going on vacation. Short-term interest ads are only served in ad networks.

How targeting works

Ad serving based on short-term interests uses Crypta technology. It analyzes users' online behavior and places them in groups. To do this, Crypta technology tracks the behavior of typical representatives of that group. For example, it looks at what words they use in search queries, what sites they visit, and what time of day they go online.

Short-term interests are determined based on visited sites and the topics of search queries. The interest data is updated in real time.

How to configure

You can set up short-term interests for Text & Image Ads.

In the ad group, enter the audience name under User profile . Select the interests of users you want to serve your ads to. You can join up to 3 interest sets using the “AND” operator. You can join up to 10 interests using the “OR” operator in the same set.

For example, let's say your daycare ads target moms who want to return to work and need someone to watch their kids. If you select both data types in the same set, your ads will either be served to people who are looking for work, or people who are looking for childcare. To serve your ads to people who are looking for work and childcare simultaneously, enter two interest sets. In the first set, select “Babysitters” as your interest, and in the second set select “Job search”.

Keep in mind that general interests are broader than the combined nested interests in that grouping. For example, “Music” includes people who are interested in musical instruments and concerts as well as people who use online services to listen to music.

Use interests as separate impression criteria or combine them with keywords to increase your reach.


To view statistics on short-term interests, select the Impression criteria or Type of impressions criteria cross-section in Report Wizard. Add the Retargeting & Audiences filter and select the audience name that you saved in your profile (for example, “Interests: music”).


Data on interests in Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Metrica are totally different because different indicators are taken into account: short-term interests are used in Yandex.Direct and long-term interests are used in Yandex.Metrica.

Analyze the interest-related data in Yandex.Direct to see how ad targeting based on this short-term interest works. Data on long-term interests in Yandex.Metrica will help you create a profile of your website audience and use it for retargeting.