Recommendations on setting up campaigns for iOS apps

Apple released iOS 14.5, a new version of iOS containing changes that affects ads for mobile apps in Yandex.Direct.

For iOS 14.5 and higher, you need the user's permission to access the ad ID and conversion tracking. A new attribution system will be used for conversion tracking: SKAdnetwork. It allows advertisers to collect data on the performance of advertising campaigns while ensuring user privacy.

The usual method to track conversions will only work for users who gave consent for tracking in your app.

Changes to advertising campaigns

By default, ad impressions on iOS 14.5 and higher will be disabled for campaigns so that conversion tracking works same as before.

  • For campaigns that use the Optimize clicks strategy, you can enable impressions on iOS 14.5 and higher without support for SKAdnetwork. To do this, switch to campaign editing mode and enable Impressions on iOS 14.5 and higher.

  • For campaigns that use the Optimize conversions or Pay per installation strategies, impressions on iOS 14.5 and higher are disabled.

Campaigns for iOS14 with SKAdnetwork support

Yandex.Direct supports SKAdnetwork. To start campaigns with support of this attribution method:

  1. Make sure that your apps are ready for ad placement through SKAdnetwork. For this, your ads must support Apple SKAdnetwork API.

    To track installations and ads, use the tracking systems with SKAdnetwork support. We recommend that you install AppMetrica version 3.15.1 or higher: it includes the SKAdnetwork functionality letting you track installations using the new attribution scheme.

    Alternatively, install other tracking SDKs with SKAdnetwork support.: AppsFlyer or Adjust. More about tracking systems.

  2. Create an ad campaign in a usual way. In the Strategy section, enable Campaign for iOS 14.

    Note. You can create no more that 10 active campaigns for iOS 14 in Yandex.Direct.
    Note. You will be able to start the campaigns after your app is verified.

To optimize bids, you can use the Optimize clicks and Manual bid management strategies. The Optimize conversions strategy (including Pay per installation) is unavailable.

Campaign statistics will be available in the Report Wizard. It will include the goals:

  • App installs (SkAdNetwork): The installations counted by SKAdnetwork. Available only for dates (data cross-sections are not available)
  • App installs: Installations counted by the mobile tracker. Available for any data cross-sections.

If you are a publisher of apps that host ads, read the SKAdNetwork support section in the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK.