Additional information about the app

Ads for mobile apps contain additional information by default: overall rating, number of ratings, price, icon, and age restriction. This information is retrieved from the app store automatically and is updated once a day. You can also select text for the action button on your ad.

Overall rating and number of ratings

Your app rating will display as stars rounded to the nearest 0.5. For example, if a given app rating is 4.3, then the rating shown in the ad will be 4.5. Likewise, if the former is 4.2, then the ad will display a 4 rating.

Please note that the system gets data for the country indicated in the link parameters. If no country is indicated in the link parameters, then data for Russia will be uploaded by default.


If you add a price, it will display on the action button. For example: . Depending on the ad unit format on one or another content site, the action button may display without a price.

The user will see the price in the currency of the country they are located in. If the price for that country could not be uploaded from the app store, then the button will display without a price.


If your app icon doesn't meet the moderation requirements, then the ad will display without an icon or with a previous version of the icon that passed moderation. You can decrease the size of the icon as long as it's proportional and meets ad unit setting requirements (up to 16 pixels along any given side).

Age restriction

An age restriction will be included automatically based on data from the app store. If there is no restriction in the store that matches the options available on Direct, the stricter of the two options will apply.

For example, if the app store indicates that the age category is 3+, then Direct will display the 6+ age restriction.

You can change this restriction yourself.

Action button

You can select among several options for the text on the button that will display in the ad. If you choose Buy / Free, the value is selected automatically: Buy — for paid apps, and Free — for free apps.

Have questions?

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