Adding an app to the Yandex.Direct list

In the expert mode, you can only advertise mobile apps from the library. To add them to the list, click Library in the side menu and select Mobile apps. Click Add app.

Enter the link to the app in the AppStore or Google Play. Yandex.Direct will upload the icon, price, rating, number of ratings and app specifications from the store.

Please note that the system retrieves information for the country indicated in your link to the app store. By default, data is uploaded for Russia. Use special link parameters so that your ad leads to the app store of a particular country.

The country is specified in the part of the link that follows

Track events and conversions in the app using one of the supported tracking systems. For more information, see Mobile Measurement Platforms.

When creating campaigns for an app, you can only use tracking links specified in the app library. You can't use different tracking systems, such as AppMetrica and AppsFlyer, for the same app. If you need to use two tracking systems, add the app to the library twice. First, specify the tracking link from one tracker, then enter the tracking link from the other tracker.