How to evaluate the results of a display campaign

Impression statistics can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your ads. You can view ad campaign reports after your ads start displaying.

Statistics on the campaign page

Statistics are displayed on the campaign page. Under the settings section, you can find the general campaign statistics, with more detailed statistics on individual parameters shown below.

Under Ads, you can see the performance of each ad and compare your ads. To edit banners or other settings, click Edit in the upper-right corner of the section.

Graphs show statistics for the following parameters:

  • Gender and age of the audience that saw your ad.
  • Display regions.
  • Device type.

To go to the Report Wizard, click More → Campaign statistics.

Statistics in the Report Wizard

If you need a deeper analysis, detailed statistics are available in the Report Wizard. In the side menu, select StatisticsStatistics for all campaigns. Go to the Report wizard tab.

For example, you can see what ad sizes are served most frequently. In the Cross sections block, select Ad № and Image size, in the Columns block, select the Impressions value.

For some parameters (such as audience reach), the system uses a statistical method to calculate metrics based on a sample of users. This lets you quickly get the parameter value for a large amount of data. Therefore, the reach displayed in statistics may not differ significantly from the true value.

Read more information about campaign statistics.