The deals tool allows ad agencies to place display ads exclusively on certain sites or mobile apps that work with ADFOX.

The deals tool is only available to Russian agencies that have contracts with Yandex.Direct. Agencies also need to sign additional agreements. Contact your Yandex manager regarding this option.

There are advantages to using deals to publish on sites rather than working with the sites directly:
  • Ad materials must pass a strict moderation process and are served on sites in accordance with Yandex's standards.
  • You can use all the types of targeting that are available in Yandex.Direct for display ads (demographic profiles, user interests, Yandex.Metrica and Yandex.Audience data).
  • The deals tool allows you to work with all of your client's ad campaigns using the same Yandex.Direct tools.

How to work with deals

Stage 1. Create deals in ADFOX

The site owner creates a deal in the ADFOX interface. The deal describes the ad placement conditions on the site. To learn more, see the ADFOX Help.

Deals you create will appear automatically in the Yandex.Direct interface within half an hour.

Stage 2. Accept deals in Yandex.Direct

Only a representative or head agency representative can accept a deal in Yandex.Direct. Click on the List of deals at the top of the page. Read the deal description carefully and click Accept deal. Then you will get a notification about the deal at the email address indicated in the additional agreement you signed.

You can change the deal name if necessary. It's not possible to change the site placement conditions.

Stage 3. Link a deal to a campaign
Link a deal to a Display campaign with deals. Create this campaign just as you would a regular display campaign. You can only manage your bids by using a manual strategy.
Attention. Your campaign settings should correspond to the placement criteria in the deal description. For example, if your campaign is set up to serve ads during working hours, but your ads are set to be served at night in your deal settings, then your ads will not be served based on deals.
To link the two on your campaign page, click Deals → Change and select a deal from the list. There are no limits on the number of deals you can link to a campaign and vice versa (i.e. you can link a deal to any number of campaigns). Ads based on a deal will start being served as soon as they pass moderation and funds are added to your account. The amount that agencies receive for fulfilling contract conditions is indicated in the deal.

To edit a list of deals linked to a campaign, click Deals → Change. You can't unlink the sole deal from a campaign without linking another one.

Disable deals

Both sides can break a deal. If a site rejects a deal, the status will change to “Rejected by site” in the Yandex.Direct interface. If an agency must refuse a deal, they should click Reject deal in the description. Then any campaigns running based on that deal will be stopped.