Retargeting with an outdoor advertising audience

You can gather an audience of users who have viewed your outdoor ads and then configure retargeting with it. You might want to address such users with new ad messaging or exclude them from your display audience.

For example, to engage a loyal audience, you can set a bid adjustment for people who have seen your ads on digital billboards and show them ads for specific products. Such users are already familiar with the brand, so they are more likely to choose your offer.

How to accumulate an outdoor advertising audience

Enable the Gather audience by completion rate → OTS option in the ad group settings. In Yandex.Audience, a separate segment is created automatically under the account hosting the Direct campaign. The segment name contains the campaign details. The segment accumulates users who were within the visual range when impressions were served on the advertising surface.

After the serving starts, the audience will start accumulating. This will take some time. For a segment to be used for retargeting, its coverage must include at least 1000 anonymous identifiers. The segment is assigned the “Ready” status in Yandex.Audience.

You can set up audience collection at any time, even if impressions have already started. In this case, the segment will include users for whom the selected event occurred no more than 30 days ago.

To stop accumulating the audience, disable it in your ad group settings. The segment for this event will no longer be updated in Yandex.Audience, and its status will change to “Paused”.

Ways to work with the audience

You can use your outdoor audience for configuring user profiles (in display campaigns), retargeting lists (in contextual ad campaigns), or bid adjustments, and build communication strategies of any complexity level.

Use a segment of users who have seen your outdoor ad to serve them ads online.

For example, you can target display banners or videos at users who have seen your offline ads:

Or raise bids for them in performance campaigns in order to increase the probability of an impression for people who are familiar with your offer and are showing search interest in it:

This audience already knows your brand, which means that they are more loyal to the advertised products and services and are more likely to make a purchase.