Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a quick and simple way to reach an offline audience of drivers and passengers in cars and public transport vehicles. You can use it to:
  • Increase brand awareness and interest and expand your reach.
  • Direct users to your points of sale with navigational ads.

Outdoor advertising uses the auction model: the cost is determined through bidding between advertisers. Pricing is based on 1000 OTS (Opportunity To See), which represents people's exposure to advertising messages, or “impressions”. Outdoor advertising is usually seen by several users at the same time, so a single ad display (i.e., a served impression) results in multiple OTS. This metric is calculated in real time based on the user location data, speed and direction of movement.

More about OTS calculation.

  1. Benefits of outdoor advertising in Yandex.Direct

Benefits of outdoor advertising in Yandex.Direct

Large database of advertising surfaces

Yandex cooperates with major outdoor advertising operators in Russia such as Gallery.

Affordable entry threshold and control of ad placement

The minimum budget for outdoor advertising, as for other types of display advertising in Yandex.Direct, is 10 euros or 10 dollars (values for other currencies). You can flexibly manage your campaign based on placement statistics.

Audience analysis and cross-communication

You can accumulate a segment of users who have seen your outdoor ad and reach these users online. Set up retargeting in display channels or raise your bids to increase the probability of impressions in performance campaigns.

You can also analyze the demographics of your accumulated audience: gender, age, interests, and device types.

Adjust bids for traffic
To display different creatives based on traffic intensity in front of the advertising surface, use bid adjustments for traffic.