How to evaluate performance

You can view ad campaign reports after your ads start displaying. You can evaluate campaign performance by regularly reviewing statistics.

Which metrics to track

For indoor advertising, it is important to evaluate reach.

Opportunity to see (OTS)
Number of exposures to your ad message.
Served impressions
One ad display on the screen. Several people can usually see an ad at the same time, so one served impression usually corresponds to multiple OTS.
The number of unique users who viewed the ad.

How to create a report

Click the View statistics link on the display campaign page. In the Report wizard, create a report with the following parameters:

Choose “For selected period”.
To view statistics for individual screens, select the Name of ad platform (detailed) cross-section. Select the Gender and Age cross-sections.

Select metrics:

  • Impressions
  • Served impressions
  • Reach

  • Total expenditure

In the report, you will see:

  • What media coverage you are getting from advertising in gender and age cross-sections.
  • Advertising surfaces producing the highest reach.
Note. For some parameters (like audience reach), the system uses a statistical method to calculate metrics based on a sample of users. This lets you quickly get the parameter value for a large amount of data. This means that the value shown in statistics may somewhat differ from the actual value.

View statistics in Yandex.Direct

How to make decisions based on statistics

How to increase the number of served impressions
If the campaign wins too few auctions for served impressions, you can raise the bid per thousand OTS (for a manual strategy) or limit your average OTS (for an automatic strategy).
How to work with reach

Statistics on advertising surfaces help you identify locations frequented by your target audience. Disable screens that have insufficient reach or adjust your serving schedule. Use the forecast in an ad group to select and enable the screens with the highest reach.

Information about indoor advertising audience

If you have used the Gather indoor audience setting in Yandex.Audience, you can view detailed statistics on the accumulated users. You can find out:
  • Segment reach and user distribution by gender, age, and device type.
  • Online interests and categories of users (homemakers, students, parents, and so on).;
  • Percentage of users in the segment who visited your site or completed Yandex.Metrica goals on it.
You can use the indoor advertising audience segment to:
  • Run an ad recall survey and estimate your brand lift using Yandex.Surveys.
  • Create a segment of users similar to those in your ad's field of view.
  • Get a report on conversions by targeting your media or contextual advertising on an online segment.

For more information, see Yandex.Audience Help.

View statistics in Yandex.Audience