Bid adjustments for indoor ads

Most ad screens have a camera, and Yandex technology can use camera images to detect the gender and age of individuals in front of the camera with high accuracy.

Specify the gender and age of users you want to serve your ads to. You can use bid adjustments to do this. Bid adjustments increase the probability that ads will be served to your target audience and prevent spending your budget on people who are probably not interested in your products and services.

  1. Click Bid adjustments → New adjustment.
  2. Select gender and age. The All field includes men, women, and users whose gender could not be identified.
  3. Indicate the percentage to increase or decrease the bid for users with the specified characteristics. Adjustments can range from minus 100% to plus 1200% of the bid.

Adjustments are applied to each user in front of the screen, and the resulting bid values are added together. For example, you advertise snacks for kids and you set bid adjustments:

A mom with a baby and an elderly couple are standing near the screen. The bid is set to 10 rubles. Adjustments are calculated as follows:

  • “Increase by 500%” for users under 18 and women 25-34: 100%+500%=600% (or bid×6).
  • “Decrease by 100%” for men over 55: 100%-100%=0% (the bid multiplied by zero)
  • For people who don't fall into a bid adjustment category, the bid in the interface is used (the bid multiplied by one).

Final bid: 10×6+10×6+10×0+10×1=130 rubles.

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