Questions about the new interface

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the new interface. Learn more about the new interface.


How to find campaigns
In the box next to the filter button, enter the name, number, or type of the campaign you want to find. You can also find a campaign by filtering it by number, name, type, strategy, and other criteria.
Where to find retargeting lists or smart banner creatives
To find retargeting lists, feeds, smart banner creatives, Turbo Page Builder, mobile apps, and negative keywords, click Library in the side menu.
How to find keyword selection (wordstat)
Left menu → Tools → Keyword selection

Actions with campaigns

How to create a campaign
In the side menu, click Add and choose Campaign.
How to label campaigns as most important
First select the campaigns you want in the list, then click Actions and select Add to most important or Remove from most important.
How to submit for moderation, start, or stop a campaign
Click next to the campaign and select an action.
How to delete multiple campaigns
To stop, launch, submit for moderation, copy, delete, archive, unarchive, add or remove multiple campaigns from most important, first select the desired campaigns in the list, then click Action and select the action.
How to set up a daily budget for a campaign
In the Budget column, select a campaign and set its value.
How to view and change campaign settings
To the left of the campaign, click . In the menu that opens, select Edit.
How to see a list of all ad groups or ads in a campaign
Select the desired campaigns and click Groups or Ads in the menu above the list of campaigns.
How to see a list of all keywords, feed filters, retargeting settings, or user profiles in a campaign
Select the campaigns, then click in the menu above the table: Bids and keywords, Feed filters, Retargeting & Audiences, or User profiles.

How do I leave a comment?

Your comments on what you think about the new interface are very important to us. You can share your opinion using the form right in the Yandex.Direct interface. Just click in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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