Weapons and products similar in construction to weapons

There are restrictions on the advertising of products and services related to weapons and products similar in construction to weapons in Yandex Direct. This is related to legal requirements and Yandex policy.

For example, you can advertise:

Ads for weapons cannot be placed in Yandex Direct, including:

  • weapons and firearms

  • hunting weapons

  • gas weapons (including gas pistols, revolvers, pepper spray), flare guns

  • air guns with muzzle energy higher than 3 joules, sporting guns

  • antique or souvenir guns

  • electroshock weapons, batons, brass knuckles, etc.

Ads likewise cannot be placed for the main components of firearms (barrels, breechblocks, cylinders, triggers, etc.), cartridges and ammunition for firearms or their components (bullets, cartridge cases). To learn more, see Weapons.

Note the requirements for using the smart banner ad format for this category of ads.

Your ads must meet the legal requirements of the countries where you want to serve them.

If you still have questions about moderation or your results, write to us.

Other requirements for websites and ads.


This list is not exhaustive. A full list of all rules and requirements can be found in the following documents:

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