Political advertising

Yandex advertising services don't accept political ads. For example, the following ads won't be placed:
  • Pre-election campaigning, referendum or popular vote campaigning.
  • Advertising of activities aimed at deliberately influencing voter turnout for elections, referenda, or popular votes.
  • Advertising of sites of politicians, political parties, and public figures.
  • Advertising of opinion polls regarding elections and referenda.
  • Advertising of election and referenda result forecasts.
  • Political news that explicitly mention politicians, political parties, candidates, electoral associations, and political figures.
  • Advertising including endorsement or criticism of politicians, political parties, candidates, electoral associations, political figures.

If any doubts arise during ad moderation, Yandex has the right to use a range of tools (social surveys, Toloka) and engage recognized experts in the field of social advertising.

Other requirements for websites and ads.

If you still have questions about moderation or your results, write to us.

Attention. Our customer service department can only help you with the campaigns created under the same username you use to contact us. You can see your current login in the upper-right corner of the screen. Our team can access your data only when processing your request.