Ads for lotteries can be placed in Yandex.Direct.

Ads in this category can't use the smart banner and dynamic ad formats.

Your ads must meet the legal requirements of the countries where you want to serve them.

According to the law “On lotteries,” a lottery is understood as a game, conducted according to a contract in which one party conducts a drawing of lottery prize fund, and the second party has the right to the prize if they are declared to be the winner in accordance with the conditions of the lottery.

Ads for lotteries must comply with all the requirements of the law “On Advertising”. For instance, the ad must not contain references to gambling or slot machines, suggest that the lottery is an “alternative to gambling machines”, and so on.

According to the law “On advertising” and Yandex placement policy, certain documents must be provided.

When to submit documents

You can send documents at any time after your ads have been sent for moderation. If ads are rejected because required documents are missing, they will be reviewed again after documents are submitted. If your ads pass moderation, they will be eligible for serving. If additional information is required, we will contact you.

Required documents
  • A copy of the permit from the Government of the Russian Federation to operate lotteries.

  • A copy of the organizer's contract to operate lotteries signed by the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

  • A copy of the conditions of the lottery, signed by the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

If the contract and conditions are dated earlier than 2013, they can be signed by a different state authority of the Russian Federation.

The documents must contain the name of the lottery, the scheduled duration (not ending during the period of ad placement), and also information about the lottery organizer and operator, matching in all documents.

How do I submit documents?

Send copies of prepared documents via the feedback form below (include your ad campaign or order number).

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