Promotional events

You can advertise promotional events such as sales, competitions, and marketing events on Yandex.Direct.

According to the law “On Advertising”, a promotional event is a competition, game or other similar event in which participation is conditional upon having purchased a specific product.

Special documents are not required for placement.

If the promotional event is described as a lottery, your ads will be moderated in accordance with the rules in the Lotteries section.

The advertised event must not involve an element of risk. In particular, the product acquired by the buyer in order to participate in the promotional event must remain with the buyer. Otherwise, the event will be classified as a form of gambling and your ad will not be accepted.

Image ads for a promotional event and creatives of a display campaign must indicate the dates and location where the event is taking place, along with a source for information about the terms and location. More information about notices.

If you still have questions about moderation or your results, write to us.

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