Illegal activities

Yandex.Direct ads that are shown in other countries must follow that country's advertising laws as well as Yandex's ad policies.

You can not advertise goods or services whose production or sale is forbidden or restricted by law in the Russian Federation, for example:

  • Forged documents

  • Distribution of pornographic materials

  • Sites containing malicious content or resources that use fraudulent methods to attempt to extract funds or personal information from the user.

  • Doorway sites that exist for the sole purpose of bringing in traffic and don't contain any unique or useful content for the user.

  • Programs or sites for bypassing security or gaining access to restricted sites.

  • Use of transport vehicles as advertising structures, as well as the refurbishing of vehicles into such structures.

  • Services that involve preparing or writing research papers, dissertations, senior theses, course work, master's theses, exams, or other work required to complete courses or degree programs

  • Listening devices

  • Devices that disable vehicle security systems (code grabbers)

  • Explosive devices and materials (besides pyrotechnic products).

If you still have questions about moderation or your results, write to us.

Other requirements for websites and ads.