Ad display policy for sensitive subjects

Sensitive subjects include ads related to the user's personal (rather than public) information, personal difficulties and emotions, and the user's self-perception as a member of a social group. Examples are ads about the treatment of certain serious diseases, dieting, pregnancy, interpersonal relationships, family law, intimate interests, and so on.

Yandex does not display ads related to sensitive subjects based on behavioral targeting or retargeting lists. This is the case even if your ad passed moderation and you set your impression criteria correctly. Ads relating to sensitive subjects can appear in search results, and in the Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges (when targeted to match the page content), except for adult subjects and tragic content.

Yandex imposes additional restrictions on advertising tragic or adult content: these ads may only be displayed on search sites in response to an explicit query from the user. Ads for adult content can also be shown on sites with adult content in ad networks. Learn more about advertising adult subjects or tragic content.


The full list of advertising rules and requirements can be found in the following documents: