Collection agencies

You can advertise collection agencies on Yandex.Direct.

Ads in this category can't be placed as smart banners, display banners on the Yandex Home page, or as dynamic ads.

Your ads must meet the legal requirements of the countries where you want to serve them.

If you are advertising debt collection services from individuals and the interaction with debtors is via personal meetings, phone calls, SMS messages, emails, or other messenger services, then you must provide certain documents in order to place your ads.

In other cases, which are specified in legislation, special documents are not required.

Required documents
  • Copy of the registration in the State Register of Legal Entities as a company whose primary line of business is collecting payments in arrears.
How do I submit documents?

Send copies of prepared documents via the feedback form below (include your ad campaign or order number).

If you still have questions about moderation or your results, write to us.

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