Ads for Mobile Apps

Promote your iOS and Android apps using Yandex.Direct. Creating ads is simple: just include a link in your app and add your title and text. Icons, prices, ratings, and technical specifications will be added automatically.

These ads can only be displayed on compatible mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) on the Yandex search results pages and in the ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges).

What an ad looks like

Ads in the ad networks and in search results vary in appearance.

Create ads

Create a campaign
In the Create Campaign drop-down menu choose Ads for Mobile Apps. Then, create an ad group. Please note that an ad group can only contain ads for a single app.
Enter a link to the app

In the Link to App in Store field, enter the link to your app in the app store (AppStore or Google Play). You can't make changes to the app link after you save the ad.

Add a title and text to the ad

Think of a suitable ad heading and text (be sure to consider the moderation requirements). The ad title can be up to 33 characters including spaces and punctuation. The main ad text can be up to 75 characters including spaces and punctuation.

Enter a tracking link
Additionally, you can add a tracking link to the ad, which will connect clicks on the ad to installations of the app. When enough installation statistics are accumulated after adding a tracking link, you can set up the strategies Average Cost to Install App and Maximum Number of App Installations.
Check the additional parameters

After you enter a link to your app, Yandex.Direct will upload the icon, price, rating, number of reviews, and technical characteristics from the store. Uncheck the corresponding box in the Advanced block if you don't want to show this information in your ad. Choose an action button from the drop-down list. The system will choose Download by default.

More about additional parameters.

Upload an image

You can add a wide-format image (with an aspect ratio of 16:9) to an ad. By default, images display for all ads in Yandex.Direct networks. Bids for clicks on ads should not be less than the minimum valueminimum value value Please read the moderation requirements for images.

Set up an age restriction

Remember to indicate the correct age restrictions.

Note. You can also create and edit ads using the Yandex.Direct API, Direct Commander, and XLS/XLSX or CSV files.

Additional parameters


Ad icons must meet moderation requirements. If the icon doesn't meet the requirements, then the ad will display without it. You can decrease the size of the icon as long as it's proportional and meets ad block setting requirements (up to 16 pixels along any given side).


Ad ratings are rounded to the nearest 0.5. For example, if a given app rating is 4.3, then the rating shown in the ad will be 4.5. Likewise, if the former is 4.2, then the ad will display a 4 rating.

Please note that the system gets data for the country indicated in the link parameters. If no country is indicated in the link parameters, then data for Russia will be uploaded by default.


If you have added a price, then it will be displayed on the button. For example: .

The user will see the price in the currency of the country they are located in. If the price for that country could not be uploaded from the app store, then the button will display without a price. Depending on the ad block format on one or another content site, the action button may be displayed without a price.

Automatic advanced parameter updates in ads

Ads will be updated automatically within 24 hours if no other actions are undertaken by the advertiser when information about the app is updated in the app store.

  • If the app becomes unavailable in the app store then impressions will be suspended and the advertiser will get a notification by email. When the app is available again, impressions will launch automatically.
  • If the minimum software requirements could not be determined from what was provided by the app store, then the ad will only be displayed on devices running on the version listed in previous versions of the ad.
  • If the minimum OS requirements listed in the app store are higher than what is stated in your ad, the ad will only display on devices with the OS version found in the app store or higher.
  • If you couldn't retrieve additional data from the app store, then the ad will only display the data that it was able to get.
  • If your new icon was rejected during moderation, then the ad will display with a previous version of the icon that passed moderation.

Set up impression criteria

Select your keywords to help users find your offer based on the search queries they enter. Think about which mobile app categories might interest your users, and select them in the Interests section.

Ads will only be served on compatible devices (smartphones and tablets). You can restrict impressions to a particular type of device in the Device type block (Tablets/Smartphones).

Users prefer to be connected via Wi-Fi if they are downloading large apps. If you are advertising an app that takes up a lot of space, you'll want to serve ads only to those users connected via Wi-Fi. Go to the Connection Type block and select Mobile Connection and Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Only).

In any case, ads will be served to users whose devices could not be determined with certainty.

The connection and device types set for the ad group take priority over those set for the campaign.

Setting bids

Use display strategies to manage your ad budget in accordance with your objectives. Please note that the Average Cost to Install App and Maximum Number of App Installations strategies are designed specifically for mobile app ads.

If you chose a strategy with manual bid management, you can set your cost per click (bid) for each keyword or interest individually, or for all keywords or interests at once on the campaign page.

Position prices and click prices

The bidding interface shows position prices and the corresponding click prices for smartphones and tablets, as well as impressions and clicks made on Yandex mobile search results pages over the last 28 days of the ad group's operation.

Position prices and click prices are calculated for all search queries which include the keyword (without stop-words). For example, when calculating prices for the keyword elephant game, competing search queries are considered for elephant game, happy elephant game, elephant game for android as well as others.

Bid adjustments

Use bid adjustments to raise or lower the CPC when serving ads to a specific audience. To disable impressions for a certain audience, set the bid coefficient to “decrease by 100%”.

Impression statistics

Statistical reports for Ads for Mobile Apps campaigns can be seen in the Report Wizard. Additional sections are available for this campaign type: Connection type and Operating system type.

Please note that the statistics for Connection type started accumulating from October 16, 2015, while Operating system type statistics started from September 15, 2015.