Configuring impressions in ad networks if impressions on all sites are selected

If you have selected impressions on all sites in your manual strategy settings or in Average CPC, Weekly budget: maximum clicks, or Weekly click package automatic strategies, you can configure the Ad network settings in your ad parameters. The optimal settings are set by default, but you can change them as necessary. For example:

Change expenditure level

The level of expenditure is the percent of your total campaign spending that was spent on network ads over the last seven days. If the value is 100%, it means that your total campaign budget for the week may be used to advertise in ad networks. Within seven days, your expense distribution will adjust to the value you set.

The system will not distribute your expenses in the exact ratio you set, but it will attempt to get as close as possible. Usually within seven days, your actual costs will not exceed the expenditure limit you set by more than 30%. For instance, if your weekly campaign budget is 100,000 rubles, and 70% of your budget has been allocated to pay for content site clicks, then in most cases your actual expense will not exceed 91,000 rubles per week.

Set the maximum bid
The maximum bid for a click from a network is represented as a percent of the bid for search. Please note that the bid for search is limited only if you are using a manual strategy or have limited your bid for the “Weekly click package” strategy.

The bid in ad networks may automatically decrease for clicks with a low probability of conversion, or increase for clicks with a high probability of conversion. The algorithm accounts for campaign priority goals and their conversion values.