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Budget forecasting

To make a preliminary assessment of the costs of your ad campaign, please use the Budget Forecast tool. This tool enables you to calculate your monthly ad budget in the regions that you selected for your ads and keywords to be displayed, and to find out the approximate cost of redirects generated by your ads.

To assess your budget, please click Budget Forecast on the top of the page. The forecast is available only to authorized users: please enter your Yandex login and password or register.

Step 1. Select the regions where you want your ads displayed

  • You should only choose those regions where it would be convenient for potential clients to work with you. Do not include regions to which you do not deliver. To save money, it is admissible for such documents to cover only one city - the one where your company is located.

  • If you operate in several cities, e.g., in Yekaterinburg and Perm, you should create separate ads for each city. By creating additional ads on Yandex.Direct, you will not incur any additional expenses as you only pay for click-throughs to your site and not for ad placements.

Step 2. Please specify the keywords

  • Keywords should correspond to the subject matter of your ad. Try to imagine what kind of search queries will be entered by users who are looking for your product/service.

  • Be sure that your wordings are exact and specific. Take the following phrases by way of example: repairsTV repairsToshiba TV repairs. The keyword placed at the end will be the most efficient because this is the best match to the user’s (your potential client’s) interest.

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Step 3. Please click the “Assess” button at the bottom of the page

Step 4. Please update your keywords

You may edit, delete or add keywords, and your forecast will be recalculated. If the keyword in your forecast is highlighted in grey and is accompanied by an icon , the system is warning you that your ad may not be very efficient. It is recommended to replace this keyword before launching your ad campaign.

What kind of data is included in the budget forecast?

Yandex.Direct calculates the following indicators for each keyword:

  • The average CPC is the average price of one redirect from the ad displayed for the specified keyword. The cost per click amount depends on the presence of other advertisers competing for this keyword. This is why the prices of different keywords may vary.

  • The CTR forecast is the average clickability of ads displayed for the particular keyword. CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks on the ad to the number of its impressions. CTR denotes an ad's efficiency.

  • The impressions forecast shows the expected number of impressions for the particular keyword during the month.

  • The budget forecast shows your possible expenditures during the month for the particular keyword.

Ad placement in the search results

You should set a higher CPC to move your ads to higher positions in the search results. The forecast is calculated for the following display positions:

  • 1st line premium placement is the first position above the search results

  • 2nd line premium placement is the second position above the search results;

  • premium placement is the block above the search results;

  • The 1st position is the top position in the guaranteed impressions block (beneath the search results on the first page);

  • guaranteed impressions is the ads block located beneath the search results on the first page.

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Why is it possible for my actual expenditures to differ from the forecasted ones?

The budget forecast relies on statistics on all the ads displayed for the specific keywords during the last 30 days. However, the number of competing ads, their bids and CTR may change in the course of the new advertising campaign.

Your ads' CTR depends on the appeal of the heading and text of your ad, as well as on how well they match the user query. Different ads' CTR for the same keyword may vary significantly. The higher an ad’s CTR value, the more clicks are generated by it, and the lower the price for guaranteed placement and the 1st position.

In addition, the budget forecast does not account for some factors, such as:

  • ad impressions in the ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges)

  • seasonal demand for certain types of products (e.g., summer tires)

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