Banners on Yandex services

Media Services

Advertising in Media Services is a packaged placement of display ads (banners) on multiple Yandex sites. Banners on these ad platforms reach a wide audience with a wide range of interests.

Moreover, KinoPoisk page branding is available: this is a brand awareness ad format to reach an audience of movie lovers where you pay for an impression package.

Ad format

The 100% × 250 banner is placed on the first screen of the TV Program, Yandex Music, Yandex Afisha, and the KinoPoisk home page: such a broad placement and large format ensures that a large number of users will see it.

Ways to work with target audience

Demographic targeting

Lets you select users by category: "gender", "gender and age"

Geotargeting for Russian regions

The option to set up geotargeting for federal regions and cities of the Russian Federation

Targeting by interests

Lets you select an audience with a certain lifestyle: for example, moviegoers and home movie enthusiasts

Segments from Yandex Audience

Targeting for users from the advertiser's customer base. You can expand the reach using segments of a similar audience

Goals and segments in Yandex Metrica

Serving ads to groups of users who already visited the advertiser's site or did certain actions there.

Advertising requirements

See Requirements for banners in Media Services. is one of the Russian internet's leading portals for placing car ads.

Thousands of motorists visit this site every day to buy or sell cars, find tires and wheels, get information about test drives, and learn the latest market news.

Ad format

You can place ads in various formats on the site: from branded pages on to flexibly customizable banners in various formats. Placements are distributed across site sections: passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and others.

Examples of placement: superbanner 100% × 250 , branded banner 1180 × 520, and double snippet 920 × 250.

Advertising requirements
See Requirements for advertising materials on

Yandex Realty

Yandex Realty is an aggregator of ads for the purchase, sale, and lease of residential and commercial real estate. The service publishes ads from reliable sources: large and reputable real estate sites, professional databases, and verified ads from individuals.

Ad format

Examples of placement: a double snippet 100% × 250, or a C3 banner 100% × 90.

Advertising requirements
See Requirements for banners on Yandex Realty.

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