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Monitoring site availability

Yandex.Direct offers a monitoring tool that's based on Metrica data that notifies advertisers of possible problems with the availability of their sites. The monitoring algorithm constantly keeps track of site traffic, and if any sharp fluctuations occur, the algorithm checks if the site is online or not by attempting to access the home page. Users who have subscribed to the monitoring notification service will receive two types of emails, with the URL of the affected site, regarding:

  • site problems, if the site is not responding;

  • site restoration (once the site is back up and running)

Subscribing to monitoring

You can subscribe to monitoring notifications on the counter editing page in the Yandex.Metrica interface, via the section Notify me about any problems with my site.

You can also sign up to receive SMS notifications and specify which time of day you’d like to receive them. You need to specify your mobile number to take advantage of this service.

Automatically disabling ads

The monitoring function can also automatically disabled ads that lead to offline websites, so as not to waste your advertising budget. As soon as the site is back online the monitoring system will automatically restore the ads. This option can be selected in the campaign settings page by ticking the “stop ads when site not working” box:

These monitoring functions are only available to users who have Metrica enabled. For it to function correctly, one of two criteria must be fulfilled:

  • your username in Yandex.Metrica must be the same as your username in Yandex.Direct

  • you must specify your Metrica counter number in your campaign settings

Ads are disabled automatically if a site is inaccessible for more than 15 minutes.

You can additionally sign up for SMS-notifications. You need to specify your mobile number to take advantage of this service. Users who have subscribed to this service will receive the following two types of notification:

  • Ads disabled, site offline;

  • Ad impressions reinstated, site restored.

Due to limitations on the length of SMS messages, these notifications do not include the website URL or campaign number.

The monitoring status is displayed at the very top of the campaigns page. Ads that have been stopped will still be displayed in the “Active” tab, but with an exclamation mark next to them. They can be manually enabled for display using the “Resume impressions” link, or with batch operations (tick the required ad groups and select “Resume impressions” from the list of actions at the bottom of the page).

  • Site monitoring is most effective when a site has 100 or more visitors a week. The monitoring results of websites with low traffic volumes cannot be guaranteed.

  • Site availability is checked using a robot with useragent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; YandexMetrika/2.0; + In a number of cases, server settings may prohibit queries from being accepted from unknown browsers, which may lead to false notifications about the site's unavailability.

  • While checking for site availability, Yandex.Direct's robots may download site pages, even if they are prohibited from being indexed in robots.txt or the meta tags. The restriction of the Crawl-delay directive may also be exceeded.

  • If a site is disabled due to non-payment and a page from the hosting-provider is displayed instead of an error message, then the ads may not be disabled automatically. In this case, the robot considers the site to be functional and doesn't halt ad impressions.

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