Shared account

A shared account is a method of automatically distributing funds among all active campaigns under one username. Having enabled the shared account, you won't need to pay for separate campaigns — impressions continue until funds run out on the shared account. Shared accounts are automatically enabled for all new usernames in Yandex.Direct.

Setting up a shared account and making payments

On the My campaigns page, click the Enable shared account link. Before setting up a general account, you should disable all automatic fund transfer tools. You can top up your shared account using the same payment methods as for a typical ad campaign. To proceed to payment, click Pay on the My campaigns page.

You can see expenditure totals for each individual campaign in the Statistics reports section.

If, after enabling a shared account for your campaigns, statistics are corrected (invalid clicks are removed), funds will be returned to the campaigns to which they were originally allocated, not to the shared account.

Disabling auto top-up

Follow the Shared account link on the My campaigns page and click the Disable button. Before disabling auto top-up, reallocate the remaining funds between your campaigns and click the Transfer and disable button.

You can enable or disable the shared account no more than once per day.