Related keywords

The related keywords tool automatically suggests new keywords, in addition to those set by the advertiser, which will be triggered when an ad is served. Related keywords allows you to increase your target audience without wasting time on selecting keywords.

Related keywords works well with popular categories. Examples of such categories are selling clothes or furniture. In highly-specialized categories (such as uncommon products and services), the system will require time to select the appropriate keywords. Sometimes keywords may not be selected, even if the related keywords tool is enabled.

Ads for automatically-added keywords are served on Yandex search results pages and search sites belonging to the Yandex Advertising Network.

The related keywords feature is enabled by default for new campaigns. It can be disabled on the campaign settings page (in the section Keyword optimizationAdditional keywords).

How it works

Yandex.Direct selects keywords from the same or similar categories to add to the original keywords based on data available, such as the ad text, the original keywords, negative keywords, information on the advertised site page, and conversions (if a Yandex.Metrica counter is present). When the data obtained is as detailed and correct as possible, then Yandex.Direct will be able to select keywords more accurately. As statistics are accumulated, the system learns and optimizes future keyword selection.

The related keywords tool adds:

  • synonyms (beard trimmerbeard clippers)

  • keywords with typos or errors (campain — campaign)

  • original keywords using other parts of speech (dental surgerydentist's surgery)

  • negative keywords (iphone 5s -copy -install -ringtone)

  • different ways of spelling a brand or model (hyundaihundai)

  • transliterations and translations of keywords (Ritz Carlton — риц карлтон)

  • keywords similar in meaning (plastic framesimage frames)

Keywords that have been added but did not perform effectively will be automatically disabled. To quickly exclude from impressions related keywords that are underperforming, you must add all those words to your negative keywords.

When serving ads for automatically-added keywords made from templates, a default keyword will be inserted.

Setting bids and CTR

Yandex.Direct automatically sets bids for each related keyword, guided by the bids for your original keywords. While ads are being served, the bid for a related keyword may be adjusted depending on its productivity. The maximum bid for an automatically-added keyword cannot exceed the bid for the original keyword. The original keyword has priority over related keywords when keywords are being selected for impressions.

CTR that accumulated from automatically-added keywords does not affect the CTR of the original keywords or ads.

Impression statistics

The Report Wizard allows you to obtain information about impressions and clicks for automatically-added keywords.

You can view keywords that were added in the Additional keywords report. If you think certain keywords do not suit your campaigns, you can disable them with the use of negative keywords.

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