Sitelinks are a shortcut to important information on your website. They make it possible for users to go directly to the page of the website they need.

In Yandex.Direct, you can add up to four sitelinks that lead to pages of the advertised website. Sitelinks are displayed both on Yandex search results pages and in the ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges). The number of sitelinks on different websites may vary.

Why are sitelinks useful?

They improve ad CTR without additional expenses

Based on our data, ads with sitelinks attract more visitors. At the same time, sitelinks do not require extra advertising expenses – a sitelink click-through is paid in the same way as clicking on an ad. If a user clicks on more than one link in your ad, you will only pay for one click.

They make navigation simpler

Once sitelinks are added, your ad will have additional elements that will help users to go directly to the sections of your website that they need.

They offer more space for promo text

With sitelinks you can talk about your offers, describe favorable delivery terms, or add other information if there is not enough space for it in the main ad text.

How to add or edit sitelinks

Sitelinks can be added when creating or editing an ad. To do this, on the ad editing page in the Ad extensions section, select SitelinksAdd.

You can add descriptions to sitelinks. To do this, click show. Descriptions help you specify where the sitelink leads. Please note that the sitelink description is displayed only in ads based on a navigation query on desktop PCs and tablets.

Sitelink text and description should consist of letters, numbers, and symbols, apart from "!" and "?".

You can add sitelinks to several ads at once using XLS/XLSX files, mass changes in multi-editing, or the Yandex.Direct API.

Sitelinks must meet moderation requirements. If sitelinks do not meet the requirements, the ad will be displayed without them.

Sitelink impressions on mobile sites

Sitelinks are also displayed on mobile sites. Only as many sitelinks that can be fit on one line will be displayed. If the texts of your sitelinks are too long, then all created links may not fit.

Sitelinks usage tips

It's recommended using sitelinks so that they serve the interests of potential customers first of all.

For example, links can lead to website pages that contain additional information about a particular product:

Or to a detailed description of an offer:

Using sitelinks, you can segment your offer by categories:

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