Store rating in ads

If an advertiser places an ad in both Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Market, then it's possible to show the store's rating in ads. The presence of a rating makes an ad more noticeable and increases its clickability on average by 1.5%.

A rating is added to Yandex.Direct ads only on Yandex main search on desktop computers in Premium Placement blocks and under the search results.

An ad with a rating looks like this:

  1. In order to show ratings in ads, you need to check Show Ratings in Ads under Placement Parameters on Yandex.Metrica.
  2. To show a rating, the store domain on Yandex.Market must completely match the domain in the Yandex.Direct ad.
  3. Ratings in Yandex.Direct ads are displayed in accordance with the following Yandex.Market's rules:
    • The store has been on Yandex.Market for no less than 30 days.
    • The rating has not been removed by Yandex.Market's quality control service.
    • The store has not been disconnected from Yandex.Market for more than 30 days.

Ratings in ads are enabled by default. If necessary, they can be disabled in Direct's user settings, in that ratings will not be shown for all ads of all ad campaigns of that username.