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A display link is an easy-to-read addition to a site address. It lets users know which page they will visit by clicking on the ad.

Display links are only shown on Yandex search results pages.

Display links can be added to “Text & image ad” campaigns, and will automatically be created for “Dynamic ad” campaigns. You cannot edit it or manage its displays.

How to add a display link

You can add a display link when creating or editing an ad. You can specify, for example, the name of a product or a user's search request in it. You do not need to specify the domain. The length of a display link must be no more than 20 characters (excluding the domain).

Display link text must consist of letters and digits. The language of a display link may not match the language of the domain. You can use the characters “-”, “”, “/”, “%”, “#”. If you enter a space or a “_” symbol, it will be replaced with a “-”. Any other symbols will be deleted. If symbols, such as “-”, “”, “/”, “%”, are repeated, they will be replaced by just one.

Make sure that the display link meets the moderation requirements. If the display link does not meet the requirements, the moderator will reject it and it will not be shown in ads.

A display link can be used together with templates. The part of the display link you want to substitute with keywords needs to be marked on both sides with “#” symbols. If there is a space in a keyword, it will not be replaced with any symbols when pasted into a display link.

You can add display links to multiple ads at once using XLS/XLSX files, mass changes in multi-editing, Direct Commander, or the Yandex.Direct API.

Click statistics for display links can be seen in the Report Wizard, after adding the Click position cross-section.

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