Live chat on Turbo sites

You can add a business chat created in Yandex Dialogs to your Turbo site. The chat is placed in the Contact buttons section of your Turbo site. Interested users can contact you right away.

A chat on the Turbo site will help you:

  • Establish contact with your customers from the first stage of the marketing funnel.
  • Respond to your users faster.
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  1. How to enable
  2. Chat appearance

How to enable

Attention. You can only enable a pre-moderated published chat. For more information about creating and configuring chats, see the Help for business chats.
Step 1.

Open the chat page in Yandex Dialogs and go to the Widget tab. Copy the dialog ID from the Widget code field (don't include the double quotes).

Step 2.

In Turbo Site Builder, add the Contact buttons section and select the button type for Yandex Chats on the right panel. Paste the dialog ID into the relevant field.

The chat button to start a conversation is added to the Turbo site. The button moves along the page as the user scrolls, so it's always in view. In the mobile version, the chat button is located at the bottom of the page in the contact buttons section. It appears on scroll up.

Chat appearance

Chat opens directly on the Turbo site: no need to take the user to another page.