Campaign statistics

As soon as ads start displaying, you'll see a View statistics link appear on your campaign page. Click on it to view your reports. Regularly analyzing the data in your reports can help you increase your campaign performance.

Statistical data in these reports is updated every few hours. The time of the last update is indicated below the report. Data is available for the past 3 years from the current month for all reports except Keywords.


If you stop or activate a campaign, it usually takes about 40 minutes for the report to reflect this status changes, and can take up to three hours if there is a high traffic load. Data may not appear in the report immediately and may change after the campaign is stopped.

Standard reports

Standard reports contain a predetermined set of statistics.

Statistics by day

Data is divided in the report by day for the period of time you select. You can view data across the whole campaign or as separate figures for each ad.

General statistics

Data by individual keyword for the whole period of the campaign. Active keywords are separated from deleted ones.

Keywords by day

The report displays statistics for each keyword broken down by day.

By region

You can use this report to identify the regions that have shown the greatest interest in your ads.

By site type

Statistics by impressions and ad clicks on search sites and ad network sites.


Only impressions and clicks on Yandex search results pages are factored in when determining CPC. The CTR on ad network and search partner sites don't influence CPC.

If Metrica is enabled for your ad campaign, then your reports will also show statistics for page depth, conversions, conversion rate (%) and goal cost.

Customizable reports

Customizable reports lets you select and display the cross sections of data you are interested in. Some cross-sections of data are set by default and can not be excluded.

Search queries

This report contains the search queries entered on Yandex search (excluding search partners) for which your ads were served. For example, search queries that contain synonyms of one of your keywords. You can use this data to optimize your list of keywords (by, among other things, determining what irrelevant searches result in impressions of your ads so that you can add negative keywords to them).

Starting on July 23, 2016, only data from the past 90 days will be available.

Additional keywords

Statistics for automatically-added keywords (additional relevant keywords or related-keywords) as well as keywords that were selected as part of an experiment.

Data available for the “Text & Image Ads” campaign type starts from May 15, 2016. Data for the Type of additional relevant phrase cross-section is available from September 1, 2016.

Report wizard

This is a useful tool for viewing statistics. You can use it to get detailed statistics on all your campaigns and evaluate the effectiveness of specific keywords and ads. Read more about the Report Wizard here.