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Subscribing to SMS notifications

To manage your advertising campaign on Yandex.Direct more efficiently, you can get the following information sent directly to your cell phone:

To do this, sign up for SMS notifications on the campaign settings page:

  • Follow the Enter number... link in the SMS notification settings

  • Enter the mobile phone number you want notifications sent to

  • An SMS message with a confirmation code will be sent to the provided phone number (it is sent immediately after you enter the phone number)

  • Enter the received confirmation code in the interface

  • Return to the “Campaign settings” page in the “SMS notifications” settings, select the types of notifications you want, and set the time for sending SMS notifications

SMS notifications are sent in the following cases:

  • The campaign balance reaches the level specified by you (in % from the last payment) to receive notifications, and when campaign funds have run out

  • a payment was made (funds were either added to or transferred into your account)

  • Your campaign has been approved by moderation

  • Campaign ads have bene suspended or resumed following the results of website monitoring

SMS notifications are free.

Note. If you use a shared account, then instead of notifications on the remaining balance of each specific ad campaign, you will be sent notifications about the remaining balance of your shared account.

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