What is productivity?

Productivity in Direct helps you to assess how well your keywords are working in connection with the ads you have created for them.

Every keyword active on search has productivity, which is expressed as a value from 0 to 10. A high productivity in most cases means that you are fully realizing the potential of your keywords and they are functioning properly. Low productivity, on the other hand, means that if you work on a keyword, it can have much more of an impact.

Productivity does not consider ad statistics and starts to be calculated even before the first impressions and clicks. Thanks to this feature, even at the start of the campaign you can figure out how to make a keyword more useful.

The system will prompt you with individual suggestions on how to improve productivity for each specific situation.

By focusing on them, you'll be able to improve your keywords and as a result bring more of your target audience to your site.

Even if your keyword productivity reaches 9–10 points, you can always continue to improve the performance of your ads. For example, you can expand the list of keywords, improve ad text, and optimize settings at the campaign level.

What affects productivity and how is it calculated?

The productivity value is not used in the formulas for selecting ads for display, nor does it affect prices or CTR.

Productivity is calculated based on several groups of factors: the relevance of the phrase to the ad text, the variability of search queries that may include this phrase, and the parameters that can make this phrase inefficient. The system also takes many of these factors into account to calculate the quality coefficient. Therefore, by working on productivity, you are at the same time working on the overall effectiveness of your ads and can display your ads in prominent positions for less money.