Bid management

If you selected a manual bid management strategy when you created your campaign, you can manage your bid on your own.

To set a different bid, click the campaign name link in the My campaigns section. You will see a list of ad groups in this campaign, and a list of all targeting criteria that are currently active, such as keywords, retargeting lists, and mobile app interests.

Set the bid

You can set the maximum bid in the field to the right of each targeting criteria bid. You can also set the overall maximum bid for a certain type of targeting criteria (keywords, retargeting lists, or mobile app interests) in this ad group.

You can change your default bid and set a price you are willing to pay.

If your bid exceeds 300 RUB or the equivalent of this amount in your local currency, the bid field will turn red to indicate that your bid is excessively high.

If you enter an incorrect value, the field will turn red. This bid will not be saved until you correct the error.

After you set the bid that you are willing to pay, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Bid forecast and click price

The bid forecast is calculated for the whole ad group and allows most of your ads to get the traffic volume you specified. Learn more about display positions

The entry threshold for premium placement does not depend on whether or not there are competitors. The bid to enter the remaining positions on the first search results page depends on your ad's indicators and those of competing ads for the given keyword, including the bids, quality coefficients, and CTR forecast for that specific impression.

For retargeting lists and user interests, the bid forecasts for various levels of audience coverage in ad networks display after the statistics.

Note. The bid forecasts don't account for certain factors such as bid adjustments or competing ads from other regions that use extended geotargeting. This means that sometimes the ad might not get the traffic volume you want, even if your bid is high enough.

If the Bid forecast field has a line in it for traffic volume, your ad will not get that traffic volume regardless of what your bid is. This may be due to your impression strategy or competitors' bids.

If the system selects your ad based on the traffic volume you want, then you will probably pay the click price indicated for that traffic volume. The click price changes dynamically. The CPC for an ad can differ from the specified price, but it will never exceed the bid you set. Learn more about the Yandex.Direct auction.

For Text & Image ads, the bid forecasts and click prices are calculated based on search queries that match the keyword (without stop words). For mobile app ads, they are calculated based on all search queries that include the keyword (without stop words). Bid forecasts and click prices are calculated for all active ads in a group; if there are no active ads in a group, then these figures are calculated for all ads in the group.