Managing your CPC

To set a different CPC, follow the link from the campaign name in My campaigns. You will see a list of ad groups in this campaign, and a list of all targeting criteria that are currently active: keywords, target audiences, and mobile app categories. The forecasted CPC is calculated for the whole ad group. It allows most of the ads to enter the specified position.

Basic statistics are shown next to each targeting criteria: the number of impressions and clicks, and the CTR. For keywords, you can also see the CPC that allows most of the group's ads to be displayed in the guaranteed placement section, the top position in guaranteed placement, and each of the positions in premium placement. The CPC forecast doesn't account for certain factors such as bid adjustments or competing ads from other regions with extended geotargeting. This means that sometimes the ad might not win the desired position, even if your bid is high enough.

The entry price for guaranteed placement and premium placement on the first search results page is determined by the following:

  • Your ad's indicators for that keyword: the quality coefficient and forecast CTR for that specific impression.

  • The indicators of competing ads for that same keyword: their bids, quality coefficients, and forecast CTR for that specific impression.

Premium placement and guaranteed impressions do not depend on whether or not there are competitors.

For target audiences and user interests, the CPC is shown for various levels of audience coverage in ad networks.

You can set the maximum CPC to the right of each targeting criteria. You can also set the overall maximum CPC for a certain type of targeting criteria (keywords, target audiences, or mobile app categories) in this ad group.

After setting the cost per click that you are willing to pay, click the Save bids button at the bottom of the page.

  • Position prices and click prices depend on the competition between advertisers for a given keyword. Factors such as the existence of competing ads, their bids, the CTR forecast, and quality coefficients all impact position price.

  • For Text & Image ads, the position prices and click prices are calculated according to search queries that match the keyword (without stop words). For example, if you set a First Position bid for the query buy matches, then for the query buy fireplace matches, the ad may not be included in Guaranteed Placement.

  • For ads for mobile apps, position prices and click prices are calculated according to all search queries including the keyword (without stop words). For example, when calculating prices for the phrase buy matches the comptetition between the phrases buy matches, buy fireplace matches, buy waterproof matches, etc. is taken into account.

  • Position prices and click prices are calculated for all active ads of a group. If there are no active ads in a group, then the prices are calculated for all ads in the group.

  • Position prices change dynamically, and if the price goes up, an ad may be moved to a lower position.