Live chat

You can add an active (published) business chat created in Yandex.Dialogs for “Text & Image Ads” campaigns. The button to start a conversation will be placed in the campaign ads on search. Interested users can contact your agents right away. A click on the chat button is considered a click on the ad.

To create and set up a business chat, see Yandex.Dialogs Help.

  1. Benefits of chats
  2. How to enable
  3. Statistics for ads with chat

Benefits of chats

Live chats in your ads help you:

  • Establish contact with your customers from the first stage of the marketing funnel.
  • Respond to your users faster.
  • Increase your conversion rate.

How to enable

Step 1.

Open the chat page in Yandex.Dialogs and switch to the Promotion tab. Copy the chat ID from the Integration with Yandex.Direct section.

Note. This option is only available for chats that have been moderated and published.
Step 2.

You can add a chat when you create or edit a campaign. On the campaign editing page, open Advanced settings → Live chat, and click Add chat. In the window that opens, paste the chat ID you have copied from Yandex.Dialogs. Save the campaign edits.

A start conversation button is added to all ads of the selected campaign served on search. For example, like this:

Chat impressions in ads are independent of the chat working hours set in Yandex.Dialogs. For example, if the ad is served 24×7, the chat in the ad is also available 24×7.

Statistics for ads with chat

You can see clicks earned by the chat in ads and their CPC in the Report wizard. When building your report, add the Click position slice and select the chat option in it.

Note. The Click position cross section is unavailable if you have already selected one of the following columns: Impressions, CTR, Avg. impressions position, Weighted impressions, wCTR, or Avg. traffic volume.