Account quality index

The account quality index is a way to measure the performance of your Yandex.Direct ad campaigns on a scale of 0 to 10. The index is calculated automatically and updated on a daily basis. It can help you determine how well your ads are working in general, as well as clue you in to elements that you may need to pay further attention to.

Apply the recommendations on your campaign pages to improve your account quality.

We also encourage you to follow these simple pieces of advice:

  1. Check your campaign for imperfections that can negatively impact how much traffic your ad attracts

    If your ad text doesn't answer the users' questions (for example, the same description is displayed for various keyword groups), you could lose up to 33% of your potential traffic and thus end up passing off business to competitors who wrote targeted texts for each type of good or service that they offer.

    Your campaign's quality is also negatively impacted if you turn off ad impressions for lengthy periods. Frequent disabling of ads results in losing potential Yandex.Direct clients.

  2. Optimize impression settings

    You can always find ways to improve your ad campaign. You may specify keywords with new, appropriate wordings, add more negative words, create separate campaigns to be displayed in the ad networks, and so on.

    More information on how to optimize your settings

  3. Use additional features to help attract your target audience

    These include sitelinks, impressions for related keywords, vCards, and images. All these options can bring in more traffic, even if the campaign was configured ideally. For example, ads containing vCards on average attract up to 12% more visitors. Meanwhile, ads with images are up to 2.5 times more clickable than similar ones without illustrations.

  • Your account quality index doesn't directly affect Yandex.Direct ad placement prices or the position of your ads. However, if you keep the index in mind and follow the system's advice, you can improve your campaign's performance and attract more clients to your business.

  • Even if your account quality index has reached 9-10 points on the scale, you can still improve your campaign's effectiveness. Periodically optimizing your settings increases your CTR and conversion rate and allows you to get more traffic for less money.

  • When calculating the account quality index, the “Ads for Mobile Apps” type campaigns are not taken into account.