Managing representatives

You can distribute the work on your ad campaigns between several accounts which are called representatives. There are no restrictions on the total number of representatives you can have.

Representatives have access to all campaigns. They can edit and change ads, view statistics, transfer funds, pay for campaigns and so on.

One of the representatives is appointed chief representative. In addition to working on campaigns, the chief representative registers and removes other representatives.

Register representatives

Only the chief representative can register a representative. To do this open the representatives page. On the My campaigns page, click on Registered representatives. Click on Appoint a new representative. Enter the username which has not been used for working in Yandex.Direct, and the necessary personal information.
Attention. Yandex recommends using only accounts that you have registered in Yandex yourself.

Representatives can manage ad campaigns in both Yandex.Direct and other Yandex commercial services.

Remove representatives

Only the chief representative can remove a representative. To do this, click on the corresponding link next to a username on the representatives page. Removed representatives will lose their access to ad campaign management services not only in Yandex.Direct, but also on other Yandex commercial services.

You can view all the representatives that were deleted in the Deleted representatives tab. If a removed representative was unable to create their own campaigns, you can restore that representative. To do this, click Restore next to the representative's username in the list.

Changing the chief representative

The chief representative can appoint another representative as chief. To do this click Change chief representative, choose a username from the list and click Appoint.

The previous chief representative can continue working with campaigns, but can no longer manage other representatives.


A representative will only receive notifications about the campaigns where their email address is specified. The chief representative may permit a representative to receive notifications for all campaigns. To do this, click Edit next to a username on the representatives page.

The chief representative will receive notifications for all campaigns.