Ban impressions by IP address

During experiments with ads there is an option in Yandex.Direct to stop serving ads by IP address to limit ad impressions to certain users.

On the campaign settings page in the Advanced settings section, you can enter up to 25 IP addresses where ads will stop being served. Users with these IP addresses will not be able to see ads from that particular ad campaign.

Every computer with access to the internet has its own unique IP address comprised of 4 numbers between 0 and 255 divided by decimal points (for example, or However, IP addresses may change in the following circumstances:

  • Modem-based internet connections often have dynamic IP addresses, which may change the next time the user connects to the internet.

  • Companies and providers often provide internet access through a proxy server, so all computers connected to the internet through this proxy server will have the exact same IP address.

In both instances, a large number of random users may have the same IP address. Disabling these types of IP addresses could reduce your pool of potential clients. Therefore, we don't recommend doing this.

We don't recommend forbidding ad displays based on IP address (even in cases where you suspect suspicious activity). Yandex.Direct filters out fraudulent clicks and impressions using special fraud-protection technology. More information about this technology.

You must analyze your server logs in order to determine the IP addresses of visitors to your site. There are special programs that enable you to do this; your internet provider will be able to give you more information about these. To track visitors that arrive at your site by clicking on Yandex.Direct ads, we recommend adding the following parameter to the URL of each ad: ?from=direct, for example: This allows you to differentiate between users that have been directed to your site via your ad, and other users that simply found your website via Yandex search results.

You cannot enter the IP addresses of private subnetworks (for example, 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, etc.) into the list of blocked IP addresses because these are used for internal corporate networks (intranets), and are not used on the rest of the internet.

Impressions and conversions from Yandex' subnetwork IP addresses are not included in ad campaign statistics and you will not be charged for clicks from these addresses.